Pizza Training

You’re never too young to appreciate a good pizza.


As another season comes to an end we reflect on friendships; old and new, the many smiles that came through our door, the sunny days as well as the stormy ones and the hope that came with a new baby.  Thank you all for another year of lasting memories.

Be ocean friendly…

Here’s a little ditty about how being ocean friendly helps all of us enjoy our beaches.

We have made the commitment to use all compostable/biodegradable disposable products, e.g., paper bags, utensils, plates, bowls, cups, lids, pizza boxes.  Here’s a great article from National Geographic that will tell you how you can help, too. Click here.


Our new Tee’s for the 2018 season are here!  An original design from one of our favorite artists; Chris Kemp. You don’t need to wait until spring to get your very own, we ship!  Contact us at  There are pins too!




Every year we meet the nicest people and just when we think it can’t get any better; it does. Our wealth in life comes from the support and love from family,  friends,  an amazing staff,  and our loyal customers;  you are the reason we’re here.  Thank you.

Another summer comes to an end and we are forever grateful to our amazing staff.  At times they work in a 110 degree kitchen and never complain. They strive to maintain the integrity of our product and to provide the best service possible. A happy bunch that have  captivated our hearts and become part of our Wave family for ever.   We love you all!

Pictured: Back row; Jerry, Jonathan, Jake, Travis, Justin and April
Middle row; Leigh, Colin, Merrily and John
Front row: Kerry and Mark

Missing:  Elena, Alex, Sasha, Christian and Michael


and a special thank you to the staff at The Blue Point Restaurant for making our evening so Special.  Ryan, Bobby, and Chef Sam McGann.



Have we mentioned that every pizza is hand tossed and made fresh to order?  Sure it’s a little more work but we think the flavor benefits are worth the extra effort.

Check out this Huffington Post article; it will explain why our crust is so yummy.