2016 in Photos

Every year we meet the nicest people and just when we think it can’t get any better; it does. Our wealth in life comes from the support and love from family,  friends,  an amazing staff,  and our loyal customers;  you are the reason we’re here.  Thank you.

Thank you to our staff

Another summer comes to an end and we are forever grateful to our amazing staff.  At times they work in a 110 degree kitchen and never complain. They strive to maintain the integrity of our product and to provide the best service possible. A happy bunch that have  captivated our hearts and become part of our Wave family for ever.   We love you all!

Pictured: Back row; Jerry, Jonathan, Jake, Travis, Justin and April
Middle row; Leigh, Colin, Merrily and John
Front row: Kerry and Mark

Missing:  Elena, Alex, Sasha, Christian and Michael


and a special thank you to the staff at The Blue Point Restaurant for making our evening so Special.  Ryan, Bobby, and Chef Sam McGann.